Script “Conversation at Hotel”

Posted: Juni 28, 2011 in Research Papers

Titi was a Manager in a property company in Jakarta,
Mustika is an investor in a hotel development project,
Echa is the owner of Hotel Nusa Dua Bali who wish to open a new branch in
area Singaraja, Bali.
Friday 04 January 2010,
Titi arrived in Nusa Dua hotels,
Wiwik : Good afternoon, Nusa Dua hotel. May I help you?
Titi : Yes. I´d like to book a room, please.
Wiwik : Certainly. When for, madam?
Titi : Tommorow
Wiwik : How long will you be staying?
Titi : Three nights.
Wiwik : What kind of room would you like, madam?
Titi : I will reserve a room facing the sea
Wiwik : Certainly, madam. I´ll just check what we have available. . . Yes, we have a room on the 4th floor with a really splendid view.
Titi : Fine. How much is the charge per night?
Wiwik : It´s eighty four dollar per night excluding VAT.
Titi : That´s fine.
Wiwik : Who´s the booking for, please, madam?
Titi : Titi and Mustika Putri
Wiwik : Okay, let me make sure I got that: Miss Titi and Mustika Putri. Double with bath for three night. Is that correct?
Titi : Yes it is. Thank you.
Wiwik : Thank you for choosing San Felice Hotel and have a nice day.

At The room
Titi : Hemmm,,, Mus I think this room so hot, how about yaou?
Mustika : Yeah, I think so.
Titi : we have complaint about that, isn’t it?
Mustika : Ok, I’ll complaint now. just a moment?
Five minute letter
Putri : Excuse me, if you called me?
Mustika : Yes
Putri : What can I do for you miss?
Titi : owh this room so hot, the air condition in my room does not work well. Please adjust the air condition.
Mustika : I think its must be repair
Putri : Oh.. I am so sorry. I will check the AC now, just a moment.
Mustika : Ok, Please …
Putri : all right this AC has worked properly
Titi : Ok, Thank you
Putri : if there any problem about facility please contacts us.
Mustika : certainly.

In restaurant hotel
Restgha : excuse me; are you ready to order madam?
mumus : oh yeah, I need a drink but lend me the menu , please!!
Restgha : It is the menu,
Titi : would you mind to suggest me?
Mumus : Ok please, what is the special menu for today?
Restgha : there is Blue Ocean’s drink. It’s very special in this restaurant?
Mustika : That is a good suggestion
Titi : what is the blue ocean look like?
Restgha : Blue Ocean is the drinking combines between orange syrup and blue soda it’s very fresh for you
Mumus : hmm, all right. Give to us, please!!
Restgha : wait a moment
Mumus : Ok.

Soon, Echa come and have lunch with Titi and Mustika
Echa : I’m so soryy, I have come late.
Mustika : It’s Ok, never mind.
Titi : How are you?
Echa : Yeah, very well. You can see now? I’m happy with my career now. (Laugh)
Mustika : Hemm, Echa how about our projects?
Titi : is there any progress?
Echa : hemm, yeah hotel development was 70%, it’s all because of your help.
Mustika : but I heard there was something wrong with the licensing.
Titi : Can you explain about that?
Echa : Hemm, last month the license can’t get out because we are troubled land. But don’t problem. It was clear
Titi : Owh, Alahmdulillah.
Echa : Have you order some food?
Mustika : Not yet.
Echa : Waiters….
Lisa : Yes, Madam. What can I do for you?
Echa : Sa, Can you give our special guest the special menu of the day?
Lisa : the special menu for today, there are T-bone steak for food
Echa : is there another menu?
Lisa : Beef Stew and tomato soup it’s good for you.
Echa : ok, it’s very delicious to hear?
Lisa :


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