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Posted: Maret 15, 2010 in Research Papers


Praise be to God who has helped his servant finish this paper with great ease. Without the help of the author he may not be able to complete the well.
This paper is structured so readers can expand knowledge about the negative impact of facebook and sign – a sign of addiction, which we presented based on observations from various sources. Because the author feels this issue is important for the language as a means to open a new paradigm on Facebook.
There is no ivory that does not crack as well as in the preparation of this paper, many shortcomings and mistakes. Suggestions and constructive criticism so we expect to improve our next paper.
Hopefully this paper can provide a broader insight to the reader. Although this paper has advantages and disadvantages. Thank you.

Serang, December, 02th 2009



Foreword page 1
Content page 2
Introduction page 3
Discussion page 4
The following is a sign – a sign of addicted to facebook page 5
How to avoid a possible addiction page 6
Closing page 6


Facebook so rampant in some countries. Progress rapidly. Starting from the social networking site in a thriving university and to many countries. Commenting on this case everything was originally started with small things and develop into a major. The level of complexity and systems developed from the original jaringanpun simple to very complex. Ideas that can be taken is the plan of the simple things and realisasikan plan. All instant no. Along with the realization that changes must be done so that a simple original plan became a useful work.
This time I wanted to share my opinions about facebook. Beginning with the first good effects. Obviously with Facebook we can go back to meet old friends even in cyberspace. With facebook communication between friends became fluent, although far apart. Featurenya diverse enough to comfortably use it. For those who are far from their original communities because such tasks are studying outside the city or abroad facebook benefits are felt. I experienced I am still able to follow the development of my community in Indonesia even though I’m further studies in Germany. This is necessary because I will not alienated his return from Germany and perform tasks on my campus initially. Many friends experience the first time isolated study for many years so like a freak when he returned to the original community.

1. Can use facebook in accordance with the needs
2. Can open a new paradigm about the negative impact of facebook
3. And can know how to avoid addiction to facebook


Since its launch February 4, 2004, the social networking site facebook has attracted the hearts of millions of users. Starting school students, housewives, celebrities, to politicians, now has a facebook social networking. Thanks to advances in technology, we are now able to update the facebook status and comment on photos every time. I think there is now less if every day did not go to this site and do activities “facebook-ing”.
Facebook benefits are not just socially, but also the means of communication, looking for work, to the campaign. Unfortunately busy fiddling with facebook make a lot of people now spend more time than work. No wonder that many companies are beginning to apply this policy of blocking the site in the office. A study also showed a link between facebook with increasing divorce rates in the UK and Australia.
Maybe this info is quite interesting for users Facebook. Facebook users should be careful, because a psychologist had found a new addiction called Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD). According to Dr psychological. Michael Fenichel, who has just released the online FAD, FAD described as a situation where the use of Facebook has ‘made sure’ daily activities like getting up early, dressed, using the phone or checking email.
“The most amazing thing is like a phone that people can not seem to escape, either at work, home or on the street, people are now switching to a banya Facebook. “Fenichel said, the title of the post online,” Facebook Addiction Disorder-A New Challenge? “. FAD itself can diklaisifikasikan as ‘internet addiction behavior’, after terdapat addictive social networking or mobile phone addiction. How to know if someone has a ‘follower’ FAD or excessive Facebook addiction? Here’s the answer according to Joanna Lipari, psychological clinic at the University of California, Los Angeles:
• When sleep becomes depleted due to addiction to Facebook. Throughout the night just stuck with Facebook, causing fatigue in the next day.
• Spending wakru more than one hour per day for the Facebook. Lipari explained it is difficult to define how much influence the use of Facebook, but for average ordinary people access to Facebook is only half an hour per day.
• Being obsessed with the old or former love who participate connected on Facebook.
• Ignoring the job just to Facebook’s. This means that the user does not do the job just to spend time to Facebook’s.
• The idea that ‘abandoned or left’ Facebook felt ‘numb’. If you leave
Facebook in one day and it makes the stress and anxiety, then the user may need to get help. However, according to Elizabeth Cohen, CNN medical correspondent, addicted to Facebook or FAD is not yet entered into a medical diagnosis. However, some treatments in the U.S. found that users who experience FAD will have excess social dysfunction. It’s like Facebook claimed that as many as 2 billion photos and 14 million video has been uploaded at the various Facebook pages per month, as well as much time as 6 billion minutes have been spent on Facebook per day, all over the world

The following is a sign – a sign of someone who is addicted to facebook:
1. Facebook has become the Internet homepage on the computer or laptop.
2. People are changing the status of more than two times a day and comment on the change of status diligent friends.
3. People buddy list has exceeded the 500 figure and the other half almost unknown.
4. When he away from him computer, the person checking facebook via BlackBerry, iPhone, or other smart phone.
5. Diligently read the profile friends more than two times a day, though he did not send a message or to tag you in photos.
6. People are changing the profile photo more than 12 times
7. Always clean the “wall” that had long been looking into the fb.
8. The person becomes a member of more than 10 groups and respond to every invitation is not interested though
9. change the status of the person’s only relationship to increase the popularity of facebook.

How to avoid a possible addiction to facebook can do is as follows:
1.Consistent to our commitment to minimize the use facebook only in accordance with the needs of
2. Make a schedule for at least a week for it minimum 3 times in a week,
3. Multiply positive activities such as reading to reduce the saturation.
4. Often socialize with other people in order not to feel lonely.
5. Understand the negative impact will be caused by facebook
6. Do not be too often up date status of the less important, as this will cause a response – not a good response from the other facebooker.
7. Reproduce the positive activities that consume time for us no opportunity to facebook


Facebook benefits are not just socially, but also the means of communication, looking for work, to the campaign. Unfortunately busy fiddling with facebook make a lot of people now spend more time than work. Thing we have is how facebook siasati can provide a positive contribution to us, and how facebook can improve the quality of self. and we should review how bermanfaatkah facebook for our lives?
Because many of the reality that happens, many people become lazy and put off work just because of facebook. And finally only gratification, but we’ve got our work seabrek abandoned. Hopefully this can make to improve self-motivation, and hopefully we are not including people affected by the negative impact of facebook


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